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One of my wishes in the near future is to finish my studies and get a job as soon as possible commensurate with the extent / level of my department, and get the positions that fit my subject and apart from that I developed another potential in me, I want to develop a potential in the other areas I want to develop the potential in the field of photography. To achieve all the desires that I have prepared myself with the way I’ve enrolled in UNIVERSITY GUNADARMA and I majored in accounting and I will soon complete my studies in the near future after that I want to get a job that suits me, I have prepared myself with the ability in the field of accounting and other than that I prepare myself to equip themselves with expertise in the computer field for more ease in completing the work. In addition I was also preparing to develop the potential of others, namely in the field of photography I’ve learned a few basic areas in the field of photography is what you want more in-depth study by me.

My desire is to create a long-term own business than having a job that has continued to have an example of business owners have become one distro in Bandung area and have a business in the culinary field that is located also in the Bandung area, to realize all that in requiring some effort to how to prepare yourself and also have to have relationships with outside parties, other than that I also have prepared themselves by learning a few lessons about the design to make the dress to make distributions and should prepare a strategic location for setting up distribution location a great place to have appeal to attract customers to the distro, for my next attempt I would like to have a business in the culinary field for businesses in this area I would collaborate sealing it from outside parties for businesses in the culinary field I also will choose a strategic place and can attract customers. And besides it’s one of my achievements to undergo long-term serious relationship with a partner and also doing business with a balanced

For 5 years or desire long term could run all the activities well and balanced and able to manage your finances well and can run any business well without any obstacles and also maintain a good performance with a way to show a lot of quality and quantity of the best work in each company.


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